Volunteering earns points.  Points were put in place to reward students and parents that are actively involved in the band booster organization through college scholarships, band camp scholarships, end of year trips.   – TO BE UPDATED with more information.


The band booster parents are responsible for chaperoning all band events.

All chaperones for band events must be a parent or legal guardian or grandparent of a current band student.

Please read the Notes for Band Chaperones. This is an important list of duties to ensure the safety of our band members and that the students and equipment arrive where needed.

You must work at least __   concession stands in order to chaperon a trip.


The Band Booster organization is responsible for one visitor and one home concession stand at every home football game. We ask that all parents of band and flag corps members volunteer to work at least two of these games in either of the concession stands..  Varsity concessions open at approximately 5:00 and are over by 10:00 ~10:30. This includes trying to arrive an hour early for set-up.

Since the band does not play at Junior Varsity and Freshman games , we are asking each band and flag corps student to volunteer to work at least one. We will also need three or four adults. JV/Freshmen concessions open at ~4:00 and are over by ~8:30.  This includes trying to arrive 30 minutes early for set-up.

Go through your google account/link for the sign-up sheet.  See the Calendar of Events page .


Occassionally there are special projects that we provide for the band.    Specialized trades are appreciated as well as anyone willing to lend a hand.  Previous task included building shelves, adding electrical outlets, props for shows, etc.  There is also year round maintenance on the practice field, committees, uniform maintenance. 

Thank you for volunteering!  The support we provide the band would not be possible without you.

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